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This $63 Million Lottery Ticket in California Just Expired

A lottery sign is seen outside the 7-Eleven store where the yet to be presented winning ticket in the $63 million SuperLotto Plus from August 2015 was sold in Chatsworth, California on February 4, 2016. Mark Ralston—AFP/Getty Images

You know that feeling when you find an expired gift card that had, like, $63 bucks left on it?

Multiply that feeling by a million, and you might understand how one poor Californian soul will soon feel if he ever realizes that he let a lottery ticket worth $63 million expire.

According to a report from CBS News, the winner of a $63 million SuperLotto ticket purchased back in August failed to appear at the state lottery office or submit a verified claim for the prize by Thursday’s 5 p.m. deadline. That means that the winner forfeits the prize and the money will likely funneled into California schools.

There’s still a slight chance that the winner will be united with his prize money however. According to the Los Angeles Times, an LA County man, Brandy Milliner, claims that he submitted a claim for the prize within the appropriate time frame. But the state lottery commission determined that, “the ticket was ‘too damaged to be reconstructed’ and his claim could not be processed.” Milliner has filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, asking for a judge to declare him the winner.

Fortune has reached out to the California Lottery for comment, and will update the story if it responds.