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Ted Cruz Wants to Audit the Federal Reserve

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Las VegasGOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Las Vegas
Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted CruzJustin Sullivan Getty Images

Ted Cruz, one of the most rock-ribbed conservatives in the Republican presidential field, supports auditing the Federal Reserve.

Radio and television host Glenn Beck, who has long advocated closer scrutiny of the Fed, published an e-mail Cruz sent him after missing a Senate vote on such an action:

I strongly support auditing the Fed. Indeed, I was an original co-sponsor of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. Unfortunately, it was clear early on that yesterday’s vote wasn’t going to succeed (it fell 7 votes short). And, at the same time that the vote was scheduled, I had longstanding commitments to be in New Hampshire — for a Second Amendment rally, and a 1500- person State of the Union town hall. If my vote would have made a difference in it passing, I would have cancelled my campaign events to be there. Because the vote was not going to succeed, I honored my commitments to be with the men and women of New Hampshire.

As President, I look forward to signing Audit the Fed legislation into law.

The original note was published on Facebook.


The Federal Reserve has been a hot topic in the Republican party for several years. The bill voted on this week was a proposal from Cruz’s fellow presidential hopeful Rand Paul. Paul’s father Ron ran for president in 2008 with shutting down the Fed as a major plank in his platform, and even wrote a book called End the Fed.