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This Could Be Taco Bell’s Huge Super Bowl Announcement

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Taco Bell sign displayed outside of a restaurant.Photograph by Luke Sharrett — Bloomberg via Getty Images

Taco Bell released a cryptic press release last week telling fans to expect a huge announcement during this year’s Super Bowl, and there have been media reports with a good guess as to what that might be—the Quesalupa, a quesadilla-chalupa hybrid.

The press release, which has since been removed from the chain’s website but can be found on Business Insider, states that Taco Bell will use a 30-second Super Bowl spot to announce the national launch date “of the highly anticipated ____.” Key words have been redacted to keep the new menu item a secret.

“Unfortunately, we can’t confirm nor deny, but we’re definitely looking forward to the big reveal during Super Bowl 50,” a Taco Bell spokesperson said in a statement to Fortune.

The company tested the Quesalupa at the beginning of last year at 36 locations in Toledo, Ohio, the Toledo Blade reported. That’s the same city where Taco Bell first tested its Doritos Locos Tacos. Toledoans were told that if they didn’t love the Quesalupa, the product would be terminated and no one else would have gotten the chance to taste it.

Taco Bell told the Toledo Blade that this was the most attention it has ever given to a test market. After the testing period ended, the chain released an ad saying, “Tested and approved. Thank you Toledo, OH,” suggesting it would soon be released to the rest of the country. It was expected to come out at the latter end of 2015, but never did, creating a lot of anticipation among Taco Bell fans throughout the rest of the year.

And now it appears to be back in the spotlight. Considering how much attention Taco Bell gave the test market, it would be a strategic move to announce the Quesalupa’s highly anticipated launch at the Super Bowl.