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Ben Carson’s Campaign Just Made a Mess Out of the U.S. Map

Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Campaigns In Las Vegas AreaRepublican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Campaigns In Las Vegas Area
Does Ben Carson's team need a geography lesson?Photograph by Ethan Miller — Getty Images

Ben Carson and his presidential campaign have run into their fair share of controversies, but the latest gaffe is around something no one would have expected: cartography skills.

Tuesday night, the Carson campaign published an inexplicably wrong map of the U.S. on social media. You can see the erroneous map next to a correct version below, in an image Tweeted out by the Washington Post:

The purpose of the map was to show which governors were and were not open to accepting Syrian refugees, but the bad geography has become the story here.

The false map turns Connecticut down next to Vermont but without a border, forming a new right-angled shaped state above New York. The bottom half of the Empire State, meanwhile, became beachfront property. On top are the rest of the New England States.

By Wednesday afternoon, the tweet and Facebook post had been deleted and a corrected map had been issued:

Fortune has reached out to Ben Carson’s campaign team for an explanation and will update this story if they respond.