Neiman Marcus’ outlandish Christmas gifts: Keanu motorbikes, $400,000 trip to India

October 7, 2015, 8:28 PM UTC
Photograph by Joe Raedle—Getty Images

Neiman Marcus is known for its insane annual Christmas Book gift items, which is in reality more luxury porn than true shopping list, even for the 1%.

Every year, the luxury department store strains to outdo itself in offering outlandish and outlandishly priced fantasy gifts. And for 2015, Neiman has a good candidate in a custom motorcycle built and designed by Keanu Reeves, along with a riding tour in Malibu and Santa Monica with the actor himself and the co-owner of Reeves’s Arch Motorcycle, Gard Hollinger. There are only three such bikes for sale, each going for $150,000.

The priciest item in the Neiman Christmas book? A dream trip to India, via O’Harani Luxe Experiences for $400,000. The trip entails 12 days of travel for two in private planes and vintage cars to pricy hotels, restaurants, as well as experiences like dinners hosted by royalty, and a dance lesson on a private Bollywood movie set.

For those on a tighter budget, Neiman is offering “His & Hers” gifts for children, for the first time, with personalized MacKenzie-Childs trunks filled with Chasing Fireflies Ultimate Collection costumes. Those go for a more moderately priced at $5,000. Other items included guitars designed by ZZ Top’s legendary guitarist Billy Gibbons for $30,000, a $95,000 Neiman Marcus Mustang, a $90,000 balloon ride that will take six people 100,000 feet above the ground.

In the past, crazy stuff in the Christmas Book items has included a $20 million submarine, mummy cases that contained an actual mummy, seats from Ebbets Field, and a Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation. The most expensive item Neiman ever was an unfinished Boeing Business Jet for north of $35 million.

While these items, which typically sell out every year, don’t make much of dent for the retailer, which had sales of $5.1 billion in its most recent fiscal year, the catalog is a big marketing tool for Neiman Marcus that gets people talking about the retailer as the holiday season gears up.

The Christmas Book’s first incarnation was as a Christmas card in 1915 inviting customers to the store to start their holiday shopping. The first catalog appeared in 1926 as a 16-page book. The 2015 book is 196-pages and will go to 900,000 households.

Neiman Marcus Guitars
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus Motorcycle
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus