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Cutting jobs to create growth? axes more staffers

The online news cut a dozen more jobs Tuesday, according to a Boston Magazine story aptly headlined Bloody Tuesday).

The Boston Globe launched this site in 1995 as the newspaper’s online presence, but it’s seen steady stream of departures and cuts over the past few years. On Monday, news surfaced that editor in chief Tim Malloy was leaving.

There’ s no shortage of reasons for layoffs and cutbacks, especially given the bleak economic prospects for media sites in an age of free content.

Specifically, however, had to be affected by ongoing confusion over where it ends and (the Globe’s subscription-based news site) began. The Globe has launched a series of buyouts, the latest announced in July, to free up resources for its online efforts. That means some familiar—and respected— names will disappear from the masthead. Steve Syre, the respected financial columnist, just penned his last Boston Capital column, for example.

All of this comes as the Globe preps the launch of its new Statnews site to cover health and medicine, obviously a key opportunity in an area rife with universities and companies in the biotech and health sciences fields. Media maven Dan Kennedy said for all its angst, the Globe’s strategy of building sub-sites for various verticals is proceeding. Statnews will be joined by BetaBoston, for example, which covers tech innovation and startups.

For more on the new media landscape, check out the video below.

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