This could be the best way to come up with an excuse not to go to work

July 27, 2015, 7:19 PM UTC
Man leaning back in chair in home office, rear view
Photograph by Tim Hall — Getty Images

Not feeling like going to work today, but running low on creative reasons to stay home? WFH Ninja might have you covered.

The website offers crowdsourced excuses for when you want to work from home. Created by Christina Ng — a product manager at social marketing company Dynamic Signal — and reported first by The Next Web, WFH Ninja serves up potential excuses — ranging from the medical (dental appointment) to the home-owner emergency (burst water pipe) — and asks users to vote on each justification by clicking on buttons labeled either “Hell, Yeah!” or “This won’t fly.” Next to each possible excuse is displayed either a positive or negative number, depending on the tally of “yes” or “no” votes.

Ng wrote in a post on Medium that the site is “a parody of the reasons people provide for working from home,” and it’s an idea she came up with after needing her own stay-home-from-work excuse due to a late night playing video games. It’s no surprise she didn’t think that excuse would pass muster with her boss.