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McDonald’s new packaging has one amazing feature

Can't we just be friends?Photograph by Saul Loeb — AFP/Getty Images

If you’re a bike-riding regular and really want a Big Mac, well, you’re in luck. McDonald’s has released a new ad campaign around one of its latest inventions: packaging that latches onto a bike’s handlebars.

Dubbed “McBike,” the packaging was designed by ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina and it’s a pretty nifty design, too:

The McBike packaging has already made an appearance in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as in Medellin, Colombia. Amsterdam and Tokyo could be its next stops, Gizmodo reports. It’s unclear if the MicBike will ever make it stateside, where customers are generally discouraged from riding bicycles through the chains’ drive-thrus.

The move makes sense as McDonald’s strives to attain a more health-conscious image in an effort to bolster sales, which have dipped in recent quarters.