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How one police officer earned $285,000 last year

One police officer in West Hartford, Conn. found a way to turn his expertise into big money, bringing in more than $285,000 last year, mostly by doing off-duty security jobs.

Lt. Roger Brancoforte managed to work the system so that he was often double-dipping — taking a paid vacation or sick day while also working a private job and getting paid by that client, according to the Hartford Courant.

Brancoforte also works plenty of 16 hour days, meaning he’s pulling in double pay for the the overtime he’s doing on the second half of his day.

Bancoforte’s penchant for long days didn’t go unnoticed. From the Courant:

A performance review for September 2012 to September 2013 noted that while he was “very dependable and detail oriented,” Brancoforte’s “excessive amount of O.T. occasionally hampers interpersonal skills.”

The review also said, “Admin. concerned for Lt.’s health & safety w/regard to excessive number of hours worked.”

Read more about the town of West Hartford’s reaction to Brancoforte’s earnings at the Courant.