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Why Conan O’Brien hates the Apple Watch

Andy Richter and O'Brien having fun with a fake WatchAndy Richter and O'Brien having fun with a fake Watch
Andy Richter and O'Brien having fun with a fake WatchFrom YouTube

No late night TV entertainer has squeezed more comedic juice out of Apple than Conan O’Brien. Lately he’s been getting big laughs out of the Apple Watch.

  • Conan: Apple announced it will only sell the Apple Watch in the store, by appointment. In a related story, Casio announced it will only be selling its watches in a van, behind the Chick-fil-A.
  • Conan: Apple has banned fart sound apps from being downloaded to the Apple Watch. Which is why I will be buying the Samsung Fart Watch.
  • Conan: People are complaining that the new Apple Watch doesn’t work as well for anyone with a tattoo on their wrist. So: Tattoo on your wrist or Apple Watch — you have to choose which way you want to be a douchebag. (Thanks Investors Business Daily.)


This is primo Team Coco material — smart, sophomoric, technologically hip and a little mean. These are guys who have found humor in Foxconn suicides, iPhone prototypes and Final Cut Pro X.

Apple jokes play well with O’Brien’s demographic — which is also the demo of his writing room. You can tell from the attached Andy Richter skit — played last month with a fake Apple Watch — that when Team Coco pokes fun at Apple’s products and services, they are writing from experience.

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