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5 mouth-watering McDonald’s food hacks you could make with all-day breakfast

McDonalds Earnings Rise On Value MenuMcDonalds Earnings Rise On Value Menu

McDonald’s fans are rejoicing Monday over reports the company may soon begin small-scale testing of an all-day breakfast menu, potentially ending the tyranny of the McMuffin-less afternoon.

Of course, having breakfast items — biscuits, hash browns, McMuffins and more — available at the same time as burgers and fries creates the possibility of McFrankenwiches. Here are a few of the possibilities that all-day McDonald’s breakfast could open to fast foodies everywhere:

The Breakfast Big Mac: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, an egg, and a hashbrown on a sesame seed bun.

The Hamburger McGriddle: Take two of the sickly-sweet, syrup-infused McGriddle buns. Put a hamburger patty in the middle.

Burger/Sausage Combo Sandwich: One hamburger patty. One sausage patty. All on a bun.

Burgers on all the breakfast breads: Put your hamburger on a biscuit, a bagel, or a McMuffin.

Fries with everything: Sure, the McDonald’s hashbrown has its fans. But what if you want a breakfast sandwich with a lunchtime potato? Have a sausage biscuit with a side of fries.

Whether or not these become real menu items, expect some experimentation if breakfast all day hits McDonald’s locations nationwide.