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Las Alcobas, Mexico City: Handcrafted soaps and (free!) snacks

Nestled in Mexico City’s tony Polanco enclave, Las Alcobas is like a home away from home—a home with a design-porn spiral staircase, custom-made rosewood furniture and live-in masseuse, that is. That philosophy extends to the minibar, where almost everything is complimentary. It’s like staying at a pied-a-terre of a stylish friend, who went out of the way to stock the fridge with all your favorite things, like añejo tequila and organic soap from a local herbalist. “I always try to showcase local products at Las Alcobas,” says managing director Samuel Leizorek, “from the items in the minibar to the local produce served at Anatol, our farm-to-table restaurant to indigenous treatments with local ingredients offered at Aurora Spa.”

1. Guests who check into Las Alcobas get a choice of complimentary soap for the duration of their stay. “I selected Manos que Curan soap because they had the most local knowledge and have really preserved the healing use of the indigenous Mexican plants. In fact, the mother of owner Lilia Mendoza was a healer.” Mendoza crafts the bars in small batches with ingredients like cactus paddle, rose and Veracruzano coffee.

2. If you want to double-down on the Mexican body care regimen, Las Alcobas offers its Aurora Spa oils for purchase in scents like bergamot, juniper and tepezchouite, a natural sunburn soother.

3. If you ever wanted to live out your kid-in-a-candy-store fantasy, this is the place. All the snacks, including sweet-and-sour Banderilla Tama-Roca tamarind chews and chile-dusted dried mango (a local favorite), are free.

4. Unlike many south-of-the-border hotels, Las Alcobas’ design language favors sleek lines and neutral colors over typically Mexican motifs. When there are exceptions, like with this hand-painted stool the snacks sit on, they have real impact.

5. Liquor is not free, but Las Alcobas keeps the selection tidy and curated with Grey Goose vodka, Flor de Caña rum and blanco, reposado and añejo Maestro tequilas.

6. Collins glasses, swizzle sticks and a handsome stitched leather ice bucket keep the in-room imbibing classy.