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How much money have Bitcoin startups really raised?

Bitcoin “vault” company Xapo earlier this week raised $20 million in new venture capital funding, making it the most-capitalized bitcoin startup in history with a total of $40 million.

One of Xapo’s original investors, Ribbit Capital, compiled some data to show not only where Xapo ranks among its peers, but also the broader state of bitcoin investing.

It shows that a total of 107 bitcoin startups have raised a total of $292 million. That includes $176 million raised so far in 2014, which is nearly a sixfold increase over 2013 year-to-date, and 53% higher than all of 2013.

The four top fundraisers — Xapo, BitPay, Coinbase and Circle — have accounted for around 26% of the total market capitalization.

Here’s the data: