In four years, Asia’s share of Apple’s revenue stream grew 62%, Europe’s shrank 39%

January 30, 2014, 4:23 PM UTC

Source: Company reports. Click to enlarge.
Source: Apple Inc.

FORTUNE — Following up on Wednesday’s snapshot of Apple’s (AAPL) Q1 revenue by region — which saw Greater China grow 29% and the Americas shrink 1% — I’ve gathered the past four years of a data and summarized them in three charts.

The top graph shows revenue by operating segment (i.e. geographical region plus retail). The bottom shows share of revenue by region. And the chart to the right summarizes the changes over the past four years.

The bad news for Apple is that revenue from its two biggest segments — Europe and the Americas — have begun to contract, not just as a percentage of total revenue, but in dollar terms as well. The good news is that Japan, Asia Pacific and Greater China have so far more than taken up the slack. In Q1 2014, Apple’s combined Asian sales were $17.4 billion, more than Europe ($13 billion) and closing in on the Americas ($20 billion).

Note: In 2012, Apple began reporting Greater China separately from the rest of Asia Pacific.

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