What Donald Trump keeps (mostly) quiet about on Twitter

August 13, 2013, 8:20 PM UTC

FORTUNE — Donald Trump announced three months ago that he was helping to bankroll a new crowdfunding platform called FundAnything, which would compete with incumbents like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He also said that he would contribute to new campaigns each week and promote those choices via Twitter (where Trump has more than two million followers).

But it hasn’t exactly worked out as planned.

As of yesterday, the “Donald’s Picks” section of FundAnything only listed five projects and he had not tweeted about any of them since launch week. A company spokeswoman was able to identify three additional projects that Trump has backed — all of which were added to his section this morning — and added that his pace has been slowed because of extensive due diligence. She was unaware that he had not been tweeting about his selections.

Overall, Trump has tweeted about FundAnything just nine times in the 14 weeks post-launch, several of which related to an Adam Carolla film project that has secured more than $1 million in contributions. The rest are generic links to the site’s homepage. For context, he has written 39 tweets in the past 24 hours (none of which mention FundAnything).

FundAnything CEO Bill Zanker (founder of The Learning Annex) puts the blame fon himself, saying that the startup’s small staff has been consumed by the Carolla project and an upcoming redesign. Unclear why exactly it’s Zanker’s job to manage Trump’s Twitter feed, but my guess is he doesn’t want to embarrass his company’s “face.”

He adds that Trump is very involved in an entrepreneur-focused program launching in October, and that The Donald was largely responsible for getting Carolla to use the FundAnything platform.

Overall, four of Trump’s first five picks has reached its fundraising goal. The three “new” campaigns (some of which he actually backed months ago) still have a way to go.  He has contributed a total of $92,000, with checks ranging from $2,000 to $40,000.

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