Travel industry steps up attack on Google-ITA merger

November 1, 2010, 4:25 PM UTC
Fortune publishes a video imploring people to get the Department of Justice involved in the Google-ITA deal.‘s video uses poorly chosen words from Google CEO Eric Schmidt to create a hypothetical world in which a consumer named Bob gets taken by Google (GOOG) when he uses  ITA software.

Google is the gateway to most travel searches, and  reasons that smaller players will get cut off when Google no longer points searches away from Google.  Google will book the flights themselves and take the money.

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I’m not entirely convinced that ITA is a resource that cannot be replaced by the travel industry.  Some other vendors have to be able to create software that can figure out flights.

Plus, if everyone is using the same software to get flights (including airlines for their own flights and gaming prices), then Bob is getting hosed anyway.  Google’s ITA acquisition, if it adds diversity to the airline industry, could be a good thing, Eric Schmidt’s creepy quotes notwithstanding.