Scoopertino: Steve Jobs wants 5¢ raise

March 30, 2010, 3:53 PM UTC

With a new fake Apple news site, two TBWAChiatDay veterans bite the hand that fed them

Source: Scoopertino

A sampling of the headlines from Scoopertino, the “insanely funny” fake news site that launched Tuesday:

  • Steve Jobs set to explode: Apple CEO to use iPhone app to demolish historic Jackling house following legal victory
  • Apple board fractures in Steve Jobs salary spat: Angry CEO demands pay boost to $1.05 per year
  • Pentagon licenses Reality Distortion Field for use in Afghanistan
  • Beyond Multi-Touch: Get ready for mind control

The site may not be quite up to the standards of
The Onion
it aspires to, but it does have its moments.

Here, for example, is how the mind-control app works: You think of something you’d like to do, and if Apple agrees with your thought, the process is initiated.

Scoopertino is the brainchild of Michael Rylander and Ken Segall, two ad guys whose ties to Apple (AAPL) go way back. They were both part of the TBWAChiatDay team that created Apple’s 1997 Think Different campaign, and Segall was the creative director who came up with the name “iMac.”

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