Meredith Whitney and the WWE on video

August 6, 2008, 11:12 PM UTC

Fortune’s current cover story on Meredith Whitney, “The woman who called Wall Street’s meltdown,” is getting tons of buzz. Yesterday, I clued you in to background on Whitney, the Oppenheimer analyst who shatters many a stereotype.

Here’s another type she is not: the powerful woman with househusband. We once surveyed participants of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit and found that one-third had husbands who didn’t work. Not Whitney, who is wed to John Layfield, known to pro wrestling fans as JBL. Click here to see “Mr. Whitney,” as they jokingly labeled Layfield on Monday night’s WWE Raw, hawking the new issue of Fortune on the show. And click here to see another video, this one behind the scenes with the power couple.

Fortune and WWE. Yep, we too are defying the stodgy business-magazine stereotype. “A whole ‘nother demographic,” as my boss, managing editor Andy Serwer, likes to say.