August 28, 2007, 6:40 PM UTC

A reader from Massachusetts writes…

Duties: Oversell limited back pain treatments as a fountain of youth.

$$: New graduates work as associates for very low pay, around $60k per year which isn’t much considering that you are $100k in debt before you start. Opening your own shop is more lucrative but risky, 50% of them close in five years. If you survive you’ll probably make 90k. Hire some underpaid associates of your own and you could make 140k/yr. Little wonder why the highest paid people in the field are seminar vendors or run schools.

The upside: Making your own hours. Successful high volume clinics often work about 30 hours per week.

The downside: High pressure to succeed, sleazy sales tactics, high student loans and quacks for colleagues.

The dark side: If you fail you’ll be stuck with those loans for life.

What do you think? Some people swear by these guys. Others just swear at them.