May 5, 2007, 6:26 PM UTC

I’m looking at the 20 Best Bulls**t Jobs area of this site, which features all the stuff that you’ve been sending in about your terms of employment, and all I can say is Wow. People attacking their own jobs! People defending them! People attacking other people’s jobs! Passionate rebuttals! From all over the world, readers are weighing with their comments, thoughts, impressions. Bulls**t? I think not! But you be the judge. Go look, in other words.

I have always believed that any discussion of bulls**t inevitably ends with deep thoughts about what is NOT bulls**t, what really matters, what is worth defending and fighting for. A debate on bulls**t, therefore, is in many ways a colloquy on the nature of truth.

Every now and then, I’ve been commenting on your comments, since some of them require a response of one sort or another. And in the days to come, I’ll be writing a bit more about the incredibly active and contentious back-and-forth that’s going on here. But today? The sun is shining in Northern California, and there’s just a soupcon of spring tang in the air, and I’m going to power down this computer now and head for someplace where I can see water. If you’re reading this over the weekend, I’d suggest you do the same. Why are we thinking about our jobs on such a day as this?