50 Bulls**t Jobs: Etiquette consultant

April 30, 2007, 8:58 PM UTC

Just a few ways to be profitably and pleasantly (if uselessly) employed, from Stanley Bing’s book, “100 Bulls**t Jobs and How to Get Them” (Harper Collins).

A reader from Colorado writes:

This isn’t my job, but it’s the job of my ex-sister-in-law.  She is (and maybe was) an etiquette consultant in and around New York City.  She taught high school English for one year and was a stay-at-home mom several years before deciding upon this job that entails her advising people in business how to act toward each other, all the while never having been in business herself.  It seems that those high up in business know how to bulls**t already by being there, and don’t need instruction on etiquette/aka bulls**t!

Readers, what do you think? Is this a bulls**t job?