The answer: A clock made by a company in South Dakota.

Deal could value New York-based company at more than half a billion dollars.

New Precision Medicine Initiative aims to catalog the DNA of at least 1 million Americans in order to ‘bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes.’

The agreement with Britain’s data protection regulator comes in the wake of France and Spain fining Google over its privacy policy.

Critics may call this “needle in a haystack” discovery work much too speculative, but developing a 1 million-plus patient repository of genetic information could help researchers develop drugs and treatments for cancer and other diseases tailored to individual patients.

Researchers have created the fastest imaging device of its type—a tool that may transform biomedicine, telecommunications, and more.

Samsung will probably be back on top next quarter, but the damage has been done.

With wireless connectivity, digital license plates could alert authorities when a car has been stolen or its registration has expired.