Data Sheet—Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good morning, Data Sheet readers! A prominent business advocacy group doesn’t want SEC disclosure guidance about data breaches to become mandatory. IBM and Twitter are rethinking enterprise customer analytics. Plus, Hewlett-Packard is talking up forthcoming 3D printers and a new “immersive” computing form factor.

Former Intel exec Sean Maloney

A new mission for Intel’s former star exec

After a massive stroke killed his chance to be CEO of Intel, Sean Maloney quit the tech industry but never quit striving. Riding his bike across America is just the first of his new endeavors.

connected vending machines

Introducing: The Smart Vending Machine

When technologists talk about the “internet of things,” those “things” are often pretty big: vehicles, factory machinery, even people. But sometimes the best use of connectivity is subtle. Cantaloupe Systems, a San Francisco company that manages vending machines, monitors a network of 100,000 snack and beverage machines scattered across the U.S.  It is CEO Mandeep […]


Checking out, Apple-style

Forget the cash register. Small retail stores are racing to offer mobile checkout to their customers.

Ayush Sood and Karthik Viswanathan

Start up. Drop out. Welcome to the Garage.

Step one: A dozen supersmart Stanford students start their own idea factory. Step two: A pair of Palo Alto VCs give them a home. Step three: Someone’s about to quit school.