Longtime timber executive Rick Holley returns nearly $2 million worth of stock.

None of us likes hearing we’re not perfect, but defensiveness is self-defeating. Here’s how to respond to negative feedback.

Fresh Start, a trade skills-GED program, gives Baltimore’s 16 to 19-year-old boys a chance to avoid being tried as adults and make their way into the workforce.

After eight years leading Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick agrees that the job is akin to being a CEO. Mostly.

Companies’ top-ranks are filled with talent from similar educational backgrounds. Uniform thinking could be playing a part in the massive CEO pay gains over the past few decades.

Kraft Foods Group announced Chairman John Cahill will also take on the chief executive role, leading a food-and-beverage giant at a time when many of the largest packaged foods companies are facing a challenge to find growth. Cahill will succeed Tony Vernon, who has informed the board of his intention to retire as CEO on […]

Fern Mandelbaum’s course on female entrepreneurship has become so popular that it has a waiting list, and some men are taking it, too.

Syrian refugees are working to organize women still in Syria to help the country end its violent civil war.