In his letter to shareholders, Buffett says if he had bought Berkshire’s insurance business through his hedge fund, he and his investors would have captured all of the gains.

Berkshire Hathaway released its eagerly anticipated annual report today and it offers a verdict not only on 2014 (good)—but also on the company’s first half-century under the Oracle of Omaha (off the charts).

Both sports-league figureheads have had bad, bad years. But they’ve handled the criticism differently.

The technology giant wants to build sci-fi offices under a canopy of glass. Check out the photos.

There will be a shift in India to a postcolonial, post-socialist country strongly aligned with the United States.

The Apple CEO also told a U.K. newspaper the new smartwatch will charge faster than an iPhone and stay charged all day.

We cannot create diversity by addressing gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, class, ability, or other markers of identity in isolation.

One employee threw a brick through the window with the words “I quit” written on it.