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Automaker diversifies a management team long dominated by Japanese men.

Exclusive: Now that the world’s top investor has confessed his love for Utz, America’s largest privately-held snack maker is letting the secrets of its success out of the bag.

Add Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, a former Clinton aide, to the list of Obama officials using their official email

The activist investor is pushing for the chemical giant to list all of the nominees to its board, not just those who have been selected and approved by the company.

Speaking your piece is more likely to make people want to hire you than putting it in writing, says a new study.

Boston-based Quantopian looked at how well Fortune 1000 companies led by women performed compared to the S&P 500 over a 12-year period.

Mistakes may be the best learning opportunities we get, use them as a chance to improve yourself and your business.