How can Steve Easterbrook turn the fast food giant around? Fortune asked a few experts to offer advice. Here’s what they had to say.

The index first got there due in large part to the irrationally exuberant belief that this Internet thing was going to lay an endless supply of golden eggs.

Hello friends and Fortune readers. Wall Street stock futures are gaining this morning, and European shares have declined from their highest level in more than seven years. Asian markets closed the day mostly higher. Over the weekend, Warren Buffett published the 50th annual letter to Berkshire shareholders. In it, he told the group he had […]

While the Obamacare challenge being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday is not an easy case, it does hinge upon an inescapably far-fetched claim—one that, if it prevails, will cause deep, lasting damage to the court’s credibility in the eyes of about half the nation’s population. I suspect Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., won’t […]

Your ability to be self-sufficient may be the best way to get your boss’s attention.

Spoiler alert: Once again, Buffett has not revealed who the next CEO of Berkshire Hathaway will be in his letter to shareholders. But he does say more on the subject than he has in the past.

In his letter to shareholders, Buffett says if he had bought Berkshire’s insurance business through his hedge fund, he and his investors would have captured all of the gains.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Alaska and Washington, DC. But would-be pot entrepreneurs can’t cash in just yet.