The luxury retailer had claimed that transgender discrimination was not banned by federal law. It withdrew that statement on Monday.

Though America has made progress, many of its peers have more women in leadership roles.

Sales have been stagnant under his leadership, and the toymaker has struggled as its iconic Barbie doll has fallen out of favor with young girls.

Light-fingered employees cost American stores (and consumers) more than shoplifters do.

On a basic level, the election results in Greece augur well for Spain’s anti-establishment party Podemos as it gears up for national elections. It shows that an untested anti-austerity party can win.

A preliminary sales report shows worldwide net sales slid 7% in 2014.

Nina Easton’s latest CSIS ‘Smart Women, Smart Power’ podcast discusses Obama’s friendship with India’s Narendra Modi.

The healthcare and technology industries tied for the most openings.