Apple park in Silicon Valley photographed from 2,000 feet above ground.
Cameron Davidson
By Aaron Pressman and Adam Lashinsky
May 7, 2019

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Silicon Valley and beauty don’t typically go together. Sure, the hills surrounding the office parks are drop-dead gorgeous. But the buildings? The compound adjective “low-slung” is how I most typically hear them described.

From the air, though. Ah, that’s where the mystery and what we used to call man-made majesty of the technology industry’s edifices come alive. I’ve witnessed this myself many times, like approaching San Francisco International Airport and descending over Facebook’s headquarters. I recently saw Apple’s “spaceship” building lit up at night on the way into SFO. It was surreal. And a few years ago, I buzzed around the Valley in an airship—like a blimp but rigid—at 1,000 feet.

My glimpses don’t come close to comparing to the shots photographer Cameron Davidson has captured, displayed in a stunning slideshow here by Fortune’s Alex Scimecca. Check out the gee-whizness of Apple, the methodical blandness of HP, the otherworldly power up against nature of Facebook, the corporate matter-of-factness of Oracle. Silicon Valley, it turns out, does have culture. It is reflecting in the office buildings its companies erect.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the photos.

Adam Lashinsky


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