By Aaron Pressman
January 2, 2019

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Welcome back to Data Sheet. We hope you’re feeling refreshed and reenergized after the holidays. Before we get to what’s new in 2019, here’s a quick look back at some of the newsletter’s highlights from 2018.

While we try to cover all manner of tech news, from moves by industry giants to the launch of interesting startups, you, the readers, might be most interested in the giants. Here are the subject lines of the 10 most read newsletter issues from last year—and you’ll notice the predominance of one iPhone maker in particular:

1. “Giving Trump some credit for Apple moves” (Jan. 18)
2. “Raw water is the least of our problems” (Jan. 5)
3. “Apple pulling a Zune” (Aug. 10)
4. “Apple’s big reveal” (Aug. 2)
5. “Tim Cook’s tough day” (Nov. 2)
6. “Google’s mind blowing AI demo” (May 10)
7. “Amazon’s HQ2 outposts” (Nov. 6)
8. “Facebook eviscerated over fake news” (Feb. 13)
9. “Murder in China” (Aug. 29)
10. “Satya’s next big deal” (Sept. 24)

It’s also interesting which links were most popular with readers. Here are the five links from Fortune and five from outside sources that drew the most unique readers from Data Sheet:

1. The End Is Near for the Economic Boom
2. Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies
3. What the Hell Happened at GE?
4. 25 Ways A.I. Is Changing Business
5. Former Tronc Chairman and Investor Michael Ferro Accused of Inappropriate Advances by Two Women

1. Silicon Valley Is Changing, and Its Lead Over Other Tech Hubs Narrowing (The Economist)
2. Inside the Two Years That Shook Facebook—And the World (Wired)
3. Jeff Bezos Letter to Shareholders (Amazon)
4. Slaughterbots video (YouTube)
5. The People’s Republic of Cruelty (New York Times)

Just misses included two of my favorite links of the year:

Meet the 15-Year-Old Who Is the New Champion of Microsoft Excel (Fortune)
Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap (YouTube)

It turned out later that a few parts of the Glitter Bomb video had been faked. Isn’t that the perfect ending for 2018?

Aaron Pressman


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