By Alan Murray and Eamon Barrett
November 10, 2018

Good morning.

FORTUNE is in the news this morning; this orphan has finally found a happy home. Thai businessman Chatchaval Jiaravanon has agreed to pay $150 million to purchase the title from Meredith, and has asked me to run it. I had dinner with “Chat” last night in Hong Kong, and couldn’t be more pleased with his vision for our future. He believes in our mission, supports our editorial independence, and wants to invest to make FORTUNE grow and prosper around the world.

The mission is to make business better, by providing quality information and analysis as well as access to the best minds in business. At a time when technology is forcing every company to rethink the fundamentals of everything they do, we can provide the advice and inspiration they need to move forward. And at a time when capitalism is under attack, we can highlight best practices and build a community of business leaders who are dedicated to better serving the needs of society. It’s both an exciting and an uncertain moment in the history of business, and FORTUNE has a role to play in lighting the path forward.

So watch this space. We’ve got big things in the works for the future, and we hope CEO Daily readers will come along for the ride.

By the way, tomorrow is Singles Day in China – 11/11 – an Alibaba-created sales event that has become the world’s largest online shopping day. I’ve used up Clay Chandler’s normal Sino Saturday spot this morning but have asked him to give us a report Monday on this year’s extravaganza. Meanwhile, news summaries below remain China-focused as usual.

Enjoy the weekend!

Alan Murray

Alan Murray


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