By Fortune Editors
November 20, 2017

Good businesses keep up with the hottest trends. Great ones anticipate them. To help you discern what’s coming next, we’ve mined the forecasts, predictions, and projections from countless sources and polled Fortune’s in-house experts to bring you this look at the coming year. Our best bets? India will grow, cars will fly, and Bitcoin will crash—before it rebounds to new highs. Billionaires will blast off into space, and you’ll be eating meat with no animal in it (and you might even like it). Herewith, our predictions for the world of business in 2018, in our fifth annual edition of Fortune’s Crystal Ball.

Table of Contents

  1. Trump’s Triumph, and the EU’s Crisis
  2. Tell Us How You Feel About the Market, and We’ll Tell You Which Big Bank Is Your Soul Mate
  3. Planes, Trains, and Cars That Fly
  4. How the Supreme Court Will Rule
  5. Who to Watch, Who to Root for, What to Eat
  6. Tech’s Peril and Promise in 2018
  7. Terms to Know
  8. Who’s Going to Have a Good Year
  9. How We Did in 2017


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