By Sy Mukherjee and Clifton Leaf
September 21, 2017

Good morning, Dailies. Today we posted on our annual list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. I’m really proud of the work my colleagues did in this issue, under the smart and steady leadership of my colleagues Kristen Bellstrom and Beth Kowitt—and I hope you’ll all read it. (Here’s the link again.)

This year marks the 20th edition of our MPW list—and as Kristen and Beth write, the progress made by women in business is both substantial and, well, complicated. Outright sexism, as well as more subtle-but-powerful institutional gender biases, remain stubbornly pervasive in business, as they do in life in general.

The economic cost of that sexism and gender bias has been well documented. I would argue there’s also a psychic cost—a genuine health cost to working in an organization that encourages, or even allows, for bias. I’d love your thoughts on this. So if you have some, please send, and I’ll follow up soon in another newsletter.

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Clifton Leaf, Editor in Chief, FORTUNE


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