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By Stacy Jones
June 14, 2017

Fortune data editor Stacy Jones is filling in for Ellen McGirt while she’s away on vacation.

Set an alarm on your phone and plan on visiting the New York Times’ Facebook page at 9 p.m. EST tonight. Correspondents John Eligon and Rachel Swarns will be discussing diversity issues in corporate America with Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture — which just pledged to have a fully gender-balanced workforce by 2025 — and Rory Verrett, founder and managing partner at Protege Search.

If you miss it, the video will be available on the New York TimesFacebook page after it airs. But the great thing about watching live, of course, is that you can react to, and participate in, the conversation in real time.

You might also be interested to know that Verrett, one of the guests for the NYT video tonight, is the host of the Protege Search podcast. If you have no more than 20 seconds to spare, listen to the intro for this episode, in which Verrett’s adorable daughter, Jordan, introduces herself and urges listeners to pay attention to her dad.

Awww, right?

But back to the live talk: I’m more than a little proud to say that when Eligon emailed me about the NYT Facebook conversation, he mentioned: “It’s all inspired by the diversity reports you all recently released at Fortune!”

The Fortune data team is beyond (beyond!) flattered.

Here’s a quick recap: We have so far reported that only 3% of Fortune 500 companies release their full diversity data and another 17.5% make partial data available. We also looked at senior executives, a broader category than just CEOs, at the 16 companies that share data and found that 72% were white men.

This Friday, in the spirit of openness and practicing what we preach, we’ll be sharing the Fortune 500 diversity data we collected online. Fellow data nerds will be happy to hear it’ll be released with a data dictionary and detailed methodology. I’ll include a link to everything here, in raceAhead, on Friday.

We plan to keep building and refining the dataset. It’s not our intention to only collect data from Fortune 500 companies and we’re not going to wait until next year to update it. It’s alive, if you’ll excuse a clichéd line, and we want to hear from you. Send us your data, questions, criticisms and ideas.

I’m going to borrow a sign off from one of my favorite podcasts, Another Round: Drink some water, take your meds and call your person.