By Anne VanderMey
May 20, 2017

1. Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption

by Jeff Rosenblum and Jordan Berg

Courtesy of powerHouse Books
Photograph by Michael Chini

This slick volume by digital ad agency execs uses elegant typefaces to dress up a serious critique of modern marketing: Most ads don’t work, and brands must adapt.

2. Oh, the Meetings You’ll Go To!

by Dr. Suits

Courtesy of Penguin Random House
Photograph by Michael Chini

In this worthy update to the classic graduation gift, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, the anonymous “Dr. Suits” offers a biting but empathetic poem on entry-level jobs today. It also rhymes “hero” with “in-box zero.”

3. The Executive Coloring Book

by Marcie Hans, Dennis Altman, and Martin A. Cohen

Courtesy of Penguin Random House
Photograph by Michael Chini

First published in 1961, this is the original adult coloring book. But Zen it is not. Like an early (more stylish) “Dilbert,” it pokes fun at executive life, bidding readers, “Color my underwear important.”

A version of this article appears in the June 1, 2017 issue of Fortune with the headline “Summer Reads, but Light on Reading.” We’ve included affiliate links in this article.


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