By Fortune Staff
March 23, 2017

In our current culture, CEOs arguably command more power than respect. You can blame that in part on the light-speed exchange of information in the digital era. As Fortune‘s Geoff Colvin writes in the introduction to this year’s World’s Greatest Leaders list, “Easier access to information for customers, competitors, and others causes industry dominance to change more quickly, corporate life spans to decline, and executive tenures to shorten.” What’s more, unflattering news goes viral in an instant.

Nonetheless, year after year there are chief executives whose impact, not just on their own companies but on the world around them, is so significant that they deserve to rank among the greats. Our annual leader list spans politics, the arts, activism, sports and the nonprofit world, but each year, many business figures shine in this particular galaxy. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is one of only two people who have made all four editions of our list. (The other is Pope Francis.)

Here are nine private-sector CEOs who made Fortune‘s 2017 list. (For the rest of the list, click here.)

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Gabriel Olsen—FilmMagic/Getty Images

Founder and CEO, Amazon
Rank on 2017 list: No. 5

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Paul Polman

Paul Polman, chief executive officer of Unilever.
Photograph by Simon Dawson—Bloomberg via Getty Images

CEO, Unilever
Rank on 2017 list: No. 20

Zhang Ruimin

Qilai Shen—Bloomberg via Getty Images

CEO, Haier Group
Rank on 2017 list: No. 24

Raj Panjabi

Last Mile Health CEO Dr. Raj Panjabi (right) speaks at the FORTUNE + TIME Global Forum.
Elisabetta Villa—Getty Images for TIME

CEO, Last Mile Health
Rank on 2017 list: No. 28

Elon Musk

Stephen Lam—Reuters

CEO, Tesla and Space X
Rank on 2017 list: No. 30

Lisa Su

Paul Sakuma Photography

CEO, Advanced Micro Devices
Rank on 2017 list: No. 50

Jamie Dimon

Kevin Wolf—AP

CEO, J.P. Morgan
Rank on 2017 list: No. 39

Marc Benioff

Steve Jennings—Getty Images for TechCrunch

CEO and Chairman, Salesforce
Rank on 2017 list: No. 43

Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor

Karel Navarro—Bloomberg via Getty Images

CEO, Intercorp
Rank on 2017 list: No. 49

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