By Alan Murray
November 10, 2016

Good morning.

This morning, we unveil Fortune’s Business Person of the Year, an annual exercise that starts with our data guru Scott DeCarlo scouring the numbers, to sort out which businesses have performed best over a one-year and three-year period, and then adds in our editors’ judgments about each leader’s strategy, vision, and general influence on the world of business.

This year, that process led us inevitably to a man who is only 32 years old, but has built a powerhouse company worth $375 billion with $22 billion in profits and close to 1.8 billion users: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. His meteoric rise says something about the world in which we live – increasingly tied to the social networks at our fingertips – and also about the world of business, where digital companies can reach massive scale almost overnight. You can read Adam Lashinsky’s story on Zuckerberg’s unexpected management prowess here.

Number two on the list is another digital powerhouse, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who not only dominates the world of e-commerce, but whose Amazon Web Services is powering the transformation of business, and whose voice-controlled Amazon Echo is pioneering the new computer interface. Adam profiled Bezos in March, here.

And then there is number three, Mary Dillon, who became CEO of Ulta Beauty in mid-2013 and since then has doubled sales and profits, increased profit margins, and scored hefty gains in same store sales. She soared to the top of our numbers screen, and is the rare success story in what otherwise has been a gloomy decade for retail. You can read Phil Wahba’s September story on her here.

The full Business Person of the Year list is here.

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Alan Murray


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