The drink will be part of the Starbucks Evenings menu.
Photo by Ben Pruchnie—Getty Images
By Sy Mukherjee
October 13, 2016

Starbucks (sbux) is ready to give its customers a different kind of buzz.

The chain announced the launch of its first beer, the Espresso Cloud IPA, which is one part coffee and one part craft beer. The foamy, ice-shaken espresso is layered on top of the freshly-poured IPA, and it’s served with an extra shot of espresso. You can knock back the shot separately or you can pour the espresso into the beer to get that Instagram-worthy “cloud” effect.

It’s an unexpected combination that promises a fresh “flavor punch, with complementary citrus notes in both the hoppy IPA and vanilla orange-infused espresso,” Starbucks writes in a blog post. Customers can order it at locations serving the Starbucks Evenings menu.


Here’s a video of barista Justin Burns-Beach, who developed the drink under a Starbucks R&D project to develop creative new drinks and beverage pairings.

Starbucks has been trying out plenty of twists for its menus, ranging from Italian-inspired frappuccinos to an experiment with weekend brunch. Who knows what will be next.


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