As Uber promised back in June, it has now integrated with Apple’s aapl Siri.

Yes, it is now possible for iPhone users to just say “Siri, get me an Uber.” It is also now possible to request an Uber ride from within Apple Maps, much as is already possible from within Google goog Maps.

The change comes in an update to Uber’s iOS app that appeared on Thursday, specifically version 2.152.9. Key rival Lyft revealed similar functionality a day earlier.

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Many apps are currently being updated to take advantage of the leap to iOS 10.

It is only now that Apple is giving apps the ability to integrate with its virtual assistant—something they could already do with rivals such as Amazon’s amzn Alexa.

Other apps that now work with Siri in various ways include LinkedIn lnkd , Pinterest, Skype msft , Venmo and WhatsApp fb .

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With WhatsApp, for example, it is now possible to use Siri to send messages; with Skype, you can use Siri to make calls.

With Square Cash and Venmo, people can ask Siri to make payments for them, with commands such as: “Send $10 for tacos to Lauren with Cash.”

Meanwhile, fitness apps such as Runtastic now make it possible to use Siri to initiate and control training sessions.