Dunkin' Donuts says its cold brew is doing better than expected.
Photograph by Bloomberg — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Madeline Farber
August 26, 2016

Love the cold brew this summer at Dunkin’ Donuts (dnkn)? Now you can enjoy it through the rest of the year.

Chris Fuqua, a marketing executive for Dunkin’, says the coffee chain will continue serving the beverage despite its original plan to wrap sales up in September, according to Bloomberg.

While Fuqua declined to release the specifics, he says “early numbers on the launch are very strong,” and the chain is already planning to introduce new variations of the drink in the coming months.

“I see us doing flavors and doing other ways of making coffee,” Fuqua says. “This is a way Dunkin’ Donuts is going to grow.”

The coffee has been an especially big hit with Dunkin’s young customers, he says, which is good news for the chain’s lagging same-store sales. Combined with a tough U.S. restaurant industry, Dunkin’ has been struggling overall in the past quarter, Bloomberg reports.


The company originally tested out cold brew in select New England markets before deciding to go national with the drink in late June. Its leading competitor, Starbucks (sbux), introduced the beverage last year.

Fortune has reached out to Dunkin’ Donuts and will update the story if it responds.


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