Google's updated mobile app suggests open meeting times.
By Heather Clancy
April 27, 2016

Can the three of us meet Thursday afternoon? No? Let’s try Friday morning. Wait, what time zone are you in again?

Most of us spend way more time in meetings every week than we’d care to admit—and countless minutes trying to find free space on each others’ schedules. That’s especially true when there are more than two people involved in different locations.

The latest update to the Android edition of Google’s (goog) mobile calendar app offers a shortcut from that scheduling merry-go-round. That is provided the people you’re trying to meet with share their calendars in the cloud using Google Apps for Works.

The feature, dubbed “Find a time,” uses email addresses to find and suggest meeting options based on schedule openings. The organizer still has control over which ones to suggest.

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The Sunrise mobile app acquired last year by Microsoft (msft) includes a similar feature, although it doesn’t automate as much of the process. It merely makes it simpler for someone to suggest schedule options to another person.

Yes, Google will add this feature to the iPhone version of its calendar app, but it hasn’t said when.



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