Drug and device makers can pay for physicians' research and continuing medical education.
Photograph by Adam Berry—Getty Images
By Jonathan Chew
March 10, 2016

Full employer-covered insurance plans seem like a relic from long ago. Even with the Affordable Care Act, more and more of the U.S. workforce is being required to pay for insurance plans out-of-pocket—and the cost of healthcare will only continue to rise. Single and family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance are growing at an average of 5% since 2005, but surprisingly, there are still a few companies that continue to pay for all healthcare premiums for employees.

To help defray the costs to employees, some companies have opened on-site fitness centers and have begun using technology as part of their wellness programs. One study estimates that by 2018, more than 13 million wearable devices will be integrated into health and wellness benefits plans offered by businesses.

These nine businesses are the ones on this year’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For that give full healthcare protection to their employees. Here’s a closer look at their benefits programs.


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