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11 Secret Fast Food Menu Items You Need to Order

Mar 03, 2016

Fast food restaurants keep offering crazier new options, but some of their craziest foods aren't even on the menu.

With the help of Hack the Menu, we found 11 secret items that you might be shocked to know exist. As the website warns, some of these may be so secret that not even the people working there know what they are, but if you describe what you want nicely they just might make it for you.

Arby's Meat Mountain

And now for the real lunch #meatmountain #arbys #sandwichporn #toobigformymouth

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This is exactly what it sounds like—a mountain of every type of meat that Arby's offers, topped off with some Swiss cheese and cheddar (because why not?). At $10 it's the most expensive thing you can get at Arby's, but it's a pretty good deal considering you probably won't want to eat for about a week after.

Burger King's Suicide Burger

#SuicideBurger 4 котлеты, 2 бекона. Кабам! #BurgerKing молодцы.

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This secret menu item is also known as the "Quad Stacker." It's a burger with four beef patties and four slices of cheese with bacon and special sauce. If you're already throwing caution to the wind and eating something with a name that suggests it'll kill you, you might as well top your order off with a side of Frings—half fries, half onion rings.

Chick-Fil-A's Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake

Hack the Menu warns that this dessert isn't available at all Chick-Fil-A locations, but go ahead and ask them to blend a slice of blueberry cheesecake into a vanilla milkshake and see what they say.

Chipotle's Burritodilla

This is the Quesarito's "diet friendly" twin. The Quesarito, which isn't much a secret anymore, is basically a burrito with a quesadilla in place of the standard tortilla. The Burritodilla is a quesadilla filled with about half the contents of a burrito, giving you the same flavors as the first, but much less aggressively.

Five Guys' Double Grilled Cheese Burger

What have I got into now...#fiveguys #doublegrilledcheeseburger

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If you're not a vegetarian, the only time it's acceptable to order a grilled cheese at Five Guys Burgers & Fries is when you're loading two of them up with burger patties and toppings.

KFC's Triple Down

You've heard of the Double Down. Now add an extra layer of chicken, cheese, and bacon to get this triple decker "sandwich."

McDonald's Land, Sea & Air Burger

Can't choose between a Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish? Don't. Get a Big Mac and add McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patties to get this very appropriately named secret menu item. If you're not a Filet-O-Fish fan but really love chicken, go for the Big McChicken—a Big Mac with McChicken patties in place of buns.

Shake Shack's Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

Peanut Butter and Bacon Shack Burger from Shake Shack!

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According to Hack the Menu, Shake Shack had this on its menu for a single weekend. It was removed due to concern about allergy cross-contamination, but luckily ordering it is as simple as getting a ShackBurger with bacon and peanut butter sauce on the side.

Sonic's Purple Sprite


What makes this Sprite purple? Mixing it with lemonade, Powerade, and Cranberry juice. As for who came up with this concoction and why, that's still a secret.

Taco Bell's The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Burrito from Taco Bell! 6 of my favorite Secret Menu Items! (click the link ☝🏻) 🍟🍔🍴

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Hack the Menu describes this as "one of Taco Bell's healthy secret menu items." It's made by replacing the nacho cheese in a 5 layer burrito with guacamole, which does technically make it healthier. If you don't really care about the nutrition aspect of the Incredible Hulk, add Taco Bell's lava sauce.

Wendy's Meat Cube

#meatcube #unhealthy #dontcare #wednesday #sexy

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This is probably the least appetizing name of any of these secret menu items, but it may be the most accurate. It's a regular burger, but with a full pound of hamburger patties. And it looks very much like a cube of meat.

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