Apple Watch with Hermes band
Photograph by Beck Diefenbach — Reuters
By Don Reisinger
January 20, 2016

Getting your hands on the Apple Watch Hermès, one of the most exclusive models in the Apple smartwatch line, will soon be easier.

It will go on sale through Apple’s website starting on Friday. Previously, the watch, made in partnership with luxury designer Hermès, has only been available in select U.S. stores.

The watch, one of the most exclusive of Apple’s smartwatches, starts at $1,100. It features leather straps handmade by Hermès and a Hermès watch face that is different from other versions.

Apple’s decision to sell the Hermès-inspired Watch in select boutiques was somewhat surprising. Apple (AAPL) has otherwise made its Apple Watch available in hundreds of stores and online while adding to the variety of wristbands over time.

Apple Watch Hermès was the one version that didn’t quite fit that mold. In announcing the watch in September, Apple never said why it was in limited supply.

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Apple and Hermès may have been trying to make the watch seem exclusive by limiting its availability. Or, perhaps, Hermès needed time to produce more wristbands.

Whatever the case, the companies have now decided to make the watch easier to buy. However, the number to be made available starting Friday is unknown.

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Meanwhile, for those who aren’t so concerned about the fashion-focused Apple Watch Hermès, the iPhone maker is still selling a number of other cheaper Apple Watch models online. Those start at $349 for the Apple Watch Sport. The most expensive Apple Watch, the gold Apple Watch Edition, goes for between $10,000 and $15,000.


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