Hillary Clinton, delivers her first big economic policy speech at the New School in New York, U.S. July 13, 2015.
Photograph by Craig Warga — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Claire Zillman
November 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton on Sunday announced her plan for infrastructure spending—a “downpayment on our future,” she said—and it comes with a hefty price tag: $275 billion.

At a campaign event in Boston, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination called for an increase in federal infrastructure spending over five years and the establishment of an infrastructure bank—two proposals that she says will create jobs and repair the U.S.’s crumbling highways and bridges.

“Investing in infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive across the board,” she told the crowd.

The measures will be paid for with revenue from business tax reform, Bloomberg reports, but her campaign would not provide more specifics.

The announcement is part of Clinton’s month-long effort to lay out her “jobs agenda,” which will including proposals for increased federal support of research and manufacturing.


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