By Leena Rao
November 27, 2015

It’s no secret that buzzy messaging app Snapchat’s media hub, Discover, is highly coveted by publishers and marketers wanting to reach a big audience. Lifestyle website Brit + Co. is the latest media company to sign on with an announcement Friday of a holiday themed channel.

Brit & Co., which was founded by former Apple and Google employee Brit Morin, features DIY tips, projects, and recipes along with selling craft kits, jewelry and home decor. Brit & Co.’s readers are mostly women in their 20s and 30s, which matches well with Snapchat’s mostly millennial audience.

Morin explained that her site’s Discover content will be specially designed for Snapchat, and will feature short holiday-themed videos, gift ideas, DIY projects, recipes, and decorating tips targeted at teens and millennials.

Brit & Co.’s Snapchat channel is for the holiday season only. Nevertheless, Morin said the partnership is a good opportunity to reach some of Snapchat’s 100 million daily users.

Brit & Co. is just one of a number of publications that are looking to reach Snapchat’s users. Other Discovery partners include BuzzFeed, music streaming service iHeartRadio, Vice, People Magazine, CNN and food video site Tastemade.

Brit & Co., which is taking on the $34 billion crafts and supplies industry, faces competition from Darby Smart, and giants like Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Morin has said her site reaches around 12 million users per month, saw revenue triple from 2014 to 2015, and is bringing in millions of dollars in annual revenue.

As for whether Brit & Co. wants to become a permanent fixture in the Discovery hub, Morin said that both companies would see how the holiday partnership goes. The holiday deal involves Snapchat sharing revenue with Brit & Co.

Generally, publishers get a cut of the money from the ads that appear next to their content. Reports indicate that Snapchat takes a 30% cut from ads sold by publishers and a 50% cut when the ads are sold by its own team.

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