Photograph by Apple via YouTube
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
July 28, 2015

There’s something refreshing about the three 15-second spots for the Apple Watch that popped up on YouTube Monday night.

Because the ads are introducing a new device—and, indeed, a new category—the focus is purely and simply on what the thing can do.

It’s nice place for Apple’s messaging to be at this point in the company’s trajectory. Not angry like “1984.” Not snarky like “Get a Mac.” Not defensive, like “It’s not an iPhone.”

Just apps. For music, fitness and travel.

Not included, as TechCrunch‘s Lucas Matney notes, for holdouts like Facebook and Snapchat.

Also missing, two disclaimers:

  • Required iPhone not included
  • Real Apple Watch nowhere near this zippy


Via YouTube.

Music Apps


Fitness Apps


Travel Apps


Correction: The ads did not debut on TV, as an earlier version of this item had it.

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