Photograph by Dado Ruvic — Reuters
By Ben Geier
March 26, 2015

If you want to be a big YouTube star, there’s one thing you absolutely must do: work well with other YouTubers.

That’s what Tiffany Alvord, a 22-year-old musician with 2.5 million subscribers on the video-sharing service, recently told the Wall Street Journal:

Collaborations are one of the most important parts of growing your fan base. I’ve collaborated a ton of YouTubers. When you collaborate, you introduce your fans to their fans. There’s a crossover of fans. It’s great because it ties in the whole YouTube community. It makes people realize that it’s a family, not a competition. We’re all in this together and living our dreams and pursuing what makes us happy.

YouTube was purchased by Google in 2006. Google doesn’t break out YouTube’s financial performance, but it’s said to be about breaking even.

Read Alvord’s other helpful advice for YouTube stardom at the Journal.


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