Photograph by Daniel Aguilar—Getty Images
By Ben Geier
March 10, 2015

Wal-Mart Stores executives have a lot of things on their mind. There’s the ongoing e-retailing war. There’s the company’s planned expansion in Canada. There’s the minimum wage debate.

And now there’s…a troublesome horse.

Executives at the world’s biggest retailer are upset about the website, reports Consumerist. The site consists of a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart. That’s it. (Literally, the site has one main photo.) It’s hard to tell if the photo is real or photoshopped.

Wal-Mart sent a cease-and-desist order asking that the site be taken down and saying that the site “incorporates the famous Walmart mark constitutes trademark infringement and dilution of Walmart’s trademark rights and unfair competition.”

In its most recent earnings release, Wal-Mart Stores reported revenue of $131.6 billion, a 1.4% jump over the previous year. Same store sales were up 1.5% during the holiday season.


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