By Ben Geier
March 4, 2015

Sony plans to release its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 by the end of next year, the company said Tuesday.

Morpheus owners will be able to “step inside” PlayStation games, Sony says, thanks to its 120 frames-per-second display capabilities, low lagtime and 360-degree head tracking.

Sony will be joining an increasingly crowded virtual reality field. The Facebook-owned Oculus VR is said to be ready to bring its Oculus Rift headset to market by the end of 2015, Samsung released an “Innovator’s Edition” of its Gear VR headset earlier this year and HTC just announced its own VR headset made in collaboration with gaming software company Valve.

Video games are a clear point of entry for virtual reality, with several titles already available ranging from platformers to shooters. More VR games re expected to be shown at the annual E3 games conference later this year.

The Morpheus headset could help boost sales for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, which lost its spot atop the sales heap to Microsoft’s Xbox One in November.




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