Apple CEO Tim Cook visited a Foxconn plant in 2012.
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
June 23, 2014

According to a report in the Taiwanese Economic Daily, Foxconn is aggressively recruiting new workers — more than 100,000 — to assemble Apple’s next iPhone. A second manufacturer, Pegatron, is also rapidly staffing up.

“Hiring frenzies like this are not uncommon as new iPhone models prepare to enter production,” writes 9to5Mac‘s Mike Beasley, who spotted the story, “but in the case of Foxconn the figure represents a new record number of jobs.”

Apple is said to be preparing two new larger-screen iPhones, a 4.7-inch model (measured diagonally) due out in September and a 5.5-inch model sometime later.

Mass production of the first will begin in July, according to the Economic Daily, with Foxconn handling 70% of the assembly and Pegatron the rest.

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