The current issue of The Economist continues an irreverent tradition

Image: The Economist. 1/30/2010

What is it about Apple’s AAPL CEO that inspires art directors to reach for their Bible?

Case in point: The cover of the Jan. 30 issue of The Economist, in which Steve Jobs appears as Jesus and Moses combined — wearing a halo and carrying a tablet computer.

We’ve always thought of Jobs as all-too-mortal — more Prometheus than Zeus. (See Steve Jobs, chained to a rock.)

But if the editors of Britain’s leading weekly business magazine prefer to think of him as their Lord and Savior, they have plenty of company.

Below the fold, a collection of tasteless Steve Jobs iconography. If we’ve missed any important examples, send us the links and we’ll add them to the mix.

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Image: Wired. 12/5/02

Image: Gizmodo. 9/9/09

Image: The Processor. 9/10/09

Image: Soul's Code

Image: berylman via The Fark. 10/18/2004

Image: Jennifer Jacobs via iPhone Savior. 5/27/09

Image: Bay of Fundie. 7/8/2005

Image: New York Magazine. 6/17/07

Image: iPhone Savior. 9/21/07

Image: Luke77 via Music 2.0

Image: 11/14/09

Click to enlarge. Image: iPhone Savior 7/05/07

Image: Ygrek via Le Journal de Québec 1/28/10