Spoiler alert: Once again, Buffett has not revealed who the next CEO of Berkshire Hathaway will be in his letter to shareholders. But he does say more on the subject than he has in the past.

In his annual letter to shareholders, Buffett calls attention to the railroad company’s struggles with late shipments.

Given how much he sings the praises of the deal in Berkshire Hathaway’s annual report, it’s safe to assume Buffett will be open to more such tangos in the coming years.

In his letter to shareholders, Buffett says if he had bought Berkshire’s insurance business through his hedge fund, he and his investors would have captured all of the gains.

Berkshire Hathaway released its eagerly anticipated annual report today and it offers a verdict not only on 2014 (good)—but also on the company’s first half-century under the Oracle of Omaha (off the charts).

CEO of the private equity giant pulled in a huge payday last year.

He passed on Friday at 70 after a battle with lung cancer.

And it’s best to live on a court or a way, versus a boulevard or a street, Rascoff tells Fortune Live.