By Alan Murray and David Meyer
February 1, 2019

Good morning.

When I wrote earlier this week that I thought it was a good idea for ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to run for president, my colleague Claire Zillman warned me to brace for some “spirited feedback.” Well, I did get a flood of feedback, but surprisingly, most of it positive. CEO Daily readers seem to be in favor. A small sampling:

“I fully agree with your recommendation that Howard ‘Go for it!’ The country needs a middle. We are losing our younger generation to leftist crazies and the older generation to the far right …. but most people are in, or close to, the middle.”


“I do not know that I would or would not vote for Howard Schultz, but I like that he threw his hat into the ring as an Independent… If he ran for either party’s nomination, he would be shouted down. As an Independent, he will have an open mic, at least until right before Labor Day.”


“There is an available majority in the center for a true leader who is willing to find sensible compromises that solve problems without regard for partisan pandering. Who’s to say Schultz would draw more votes from a left-wing Dem than from Trump? There are lots of disaffected Republicans still identifying R or in that increasing Independent cohort who would jump at the chance to vote for a responsible centrist.”


On the other side, there was this:

“In the end, third party candidates are indicators of the level of division in the country. They have never been solutions to that division.”


I’m not sure I can argue with that historical analysis.

Separately, LS wrote in after yesterday’s post on the Fed’s suspension of interest rate increases, where I said black swans must be circling:

“This is all natural response to secular stagnation. You are right that there are risks, but there are also recession risks in continuing to raise rates.”

Thanks for the feedback. More news below.

Alan Murray


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