By Alan Murray and David Meyer
September 11, 2018

Good morning.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Fortune last night at a dinner on the sidelines of the Toronto International Film Festival, along with a group of actors, filmmakers, and media, tech and entertainment executives. Instead of talking about NAFTA, Trudeau steered the conversation in a different direction, asking what “story tellers” can do to address the problem that he said was top of mind for him these days: the intransigence, polarization, unwillingness to listen to diverse points of view, and tribalism-run-amuck that afflicts society. What followed was a fascinating two-hour conversation that I can’t fully report here, because the dinner operated under the “Chatham House” rule. But I’m looking forward to revisiting some of that conversation when I sit down with the prime minister for an on-the-record talk at the Fortune Global Forum in Toronto Oct. 15–17. We may talk about NAFTA, too.

Also joining us on Day One of the Forum will be GE CEO John Flannery. Flannery has had a brutal first year in the job—can you think of any CEO who had a rougher start?—watching his stock price and market cap plummet by half. But he is ready now to lay out his vision for the new GE, and I suspect both investors and GE business partners will be eager to hear what he has to say. If you have questions you’d like me to ask, send them my way.

David reported on other CEOs who will be in attendance at the Forum in this newsletter on Friday. (You can read his report here.) A few he didn’t mention: Starbucks’ Kevin Johnson, Element AI’s Jean-Francois Gagne, RBC’s David MacKay, Mass Mutual’s Roger Crandall, PayPal’s Dan Schulman, Ampere Computing’s Renee James, Mondi’s Pierre Oswald, CA Technologies’ Michael Gregoire, as well as Veon Chair Ursula Burns and ex-Dow CEO Andrew Liveris.

Thinking you should be there too? We still have a few spots open. To avoid FOMO, shoot me an email…or apply here.

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Alan Murray


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